Keil Moore Fall Showcase

2019 #KMFallShowcase We are excited about the 2018 Keil Moore Fall Showcase in Willingboro, N.J., October 26 & 27. Join us for an intense weekend of basketball skill development and competition. We have also added a workout on Friday, October 26th for players looking for an extra opportunity to work with our staff.

Location:  429 John F. Kennedy Way, Willingboro, N.J.

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Check out video from previous showcases 

About US


Keil Moore director of Moore Basketball. A company aimed at aiding basketball players in the recruiting process while also serving over 100 NCAA member institutions with our International Scouting Report.  In addition, Moore is on the selection committee for the Naismith Award and a contributor to ProspectsNation. In the past, Moore has worked on the coaching side at the college level, ESPN HoopGurlz and served as the director of scouting at Peach State Basketball for over a decade. 

During this time he has been one of the country's leading basketball scouts, trainers, and college recruiting consultants in the women's basketball world. In the last five year's Keil has worked with WNBA draft picks, All-Conference Players, High School and College All American's, and National Champions. 

Year in and year out Keil Moore works with schools to assist in various stages of the recruiting process. We continue to help players and schools from the top 25 all the way down to division 3 and NAIA programs. 

The Keil Moore Fall Showcase serves as an excellent opportunity for student-athletes to work hands-on with our staff with a focus on improving their skills and showcases their abilities with college recruitment in mind.